Trace My Preps fan page

Happy New Year!

Just a short post to introduce our new facebook fan page: Trace My Preps.

I say “our” because if it were only me I could just continue using my personal facebook page. A fan page is a more comfortable place to interact, especially with someone you only know via the internet. It feels less intrusive posting and commenting there than on someone’s personal page. I encourage you to “like” it; then make comments, share your thoughts, and post relevant material.

I’d also like to show my appreciation for the man I consider to be my prepping mentor and my second biggest motivator, Jack Spirko, and his The Survival Podcast, by starting off 2012 with my new favorite quote from him:

“How you think is more important than what you know. What you know is more important that what you have. What you have is more important than what you don’t have.” -Jack Spirko


2 thoughts on “Trace My Preps fan page

  1. Cool, I’ll have to get on there and like it. I also need to work on getting my own fan page started. Have you automated the process of posting to FB when you do a blog post?

  2. The fan page was my next logical step. This week I hope to incorporate some of the tactics to improve my tag lines and search results from ‘Five Minutes With Jack’. No I don’t have WP automatically post to FB. I did initially, but when they do it I can’t write my little FB ‘blurb’ to go with the post. I do it manually and I feel like that gives me more control (including choosing picture).

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