Goals For 2012

Writing down goals–especially that others will see–is kind of scary. It takes them from being loose ideas and possible projects to specific committed tasks. Doing so will hold you accountable; peer oversight/review is a powerful motivator.

So here is my list(s). I recommend you write your own; then share it with someone. Feel free to post your goal list here in the comments, or on Trace My Preps facebook page, or even email them to me personally (email can be found in the “About Trace” tab at the top of the page). At the end of 2012 we can look back, quantify our results, and see what we did with some focus and hard work.

Major Goals

  • become debt-free
  • raise rabbits for meat
  • keep honey bees
  • add some solar panels to recharge battery bank
  • get storage unit near potential BOL*
  • buy older, diesel pickup truck (with cash)
  • continue blog through September (1 year) – then reevaluate
  • get bicycle, start cycling

Minor Goals

  • learn to make soap
  • learn to make yogurt
  • learn to brew beer
  • buy and learn to use pressure cooker
  • grow cabbage, make sauerkraut
  • store extra food for others/neighbors
  • plant ground nuts (Apios americana)
  • learn to fish
  • learn to identify local wild edible plants

To Do Goals (ongoing)

  • update evacuation/emergency documentation notebook
  • inspect and rotate BOB and other potential perishables
  • get 1/2 cord of firewood

(Wednesday: Walk A Mile In Your Shoes, Part 2)

*For my list of abbreviations and other information, open the above ‘Check Here…’ page tab.


4 thoughts on “Goals For 2012

  1. Good list.

    I did a post about making yogurt. It is REALLY simple. You can have this goal finished by the weekend.
    I can offer guidance on brewing beer, but I’m far from an expert. I do partial mash, not all grain. Feel free to ask any questions. Next batch I brew, I’ll put up a how to post. But my beer consumption is way down.
    We are both shooting for the bee keeping and the blog through September. I didn’t put the bloging for a year in writing, but I fully expect to be blogging this time next year.
    I’m also thinking about solar to charge my camper battery. I’m not completely sold yet. If I get panels, I’ll let you know what I end up with.

    • Your yogurt post (and easy cheese posts) are what motivated that goal. Beer is definitely on the list, I keep saying I’ll do it when life slows down, but we all know how that goes; I just need to make the time. I will be sure to use you as a resource.

      I figure blog through September and then really evaluate it at that time. I’m sure I’ll continue writing also, but I want to be sure I’m putting out good info, people are reading it, and I’m still enjoying it. I’m also considering applying to start an “Intro To Prepping” course at the local community college adult education next fall also (using my blog as my ‘resume’).

      I’m just picturing a small solar set up, more of a learning tool at this point. I’ve got a good 4-battery bank setup with a great inverter – now I want to slowly start expanding to a self-sustaining system.

  2. We ordered our food storage and we got a Berkey water filter so we are well on our way. We still need to add some filler to our food storage but we’re in pretty good shape at this point so we have food, water, shelter, some security (still in the works) and we are still looking into putting in a wood burning stove. We are going to start working on storing our everyday items, get our first aid kit and antibiotics together, and get a revolver with more ammunition. All in all I think things are looking good.

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