About Trace


I was born and mostly raised, in Colorado Springs, CO. At 18 years old I enlisted in the Marine Corps, infantry, and was stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. After I got out I went to a couple of years of college, struggling for direction. I moved to AZ and became a police officer in Safford, AZ for five years. I still had the military bug so I joined the Army National Guard and completed training in Ft. Bragg, NC as a Special Forces Medic (18D). Soon after completing my training I got out of the military. I then worked 8 years as a paramedic both in Colorado Springs, then on Whidbey Island, WA.

I now live in Puyallup, WA with my wife Sarah, son Ryan (17), our Border Collie Kate, and our cat Oscar. We live close to my three daughters and see them several times a week: Brynn (15), Emily (12), and Alison (10); and our ‘almost’ son (Ryan’s best friend) Chanse (16).

Email me at: traceadams@yahoo.com with any questions or suggestions. Also if you haven’t already, check out and “like” the TraceMyPreps Page on facebook.


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