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five basic needs: 1) food, 2) water, 3) shelter, 4) security, and 5) energy

I post my blog each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, most of the time before noon (PST). Monday and Wednesday I discuss a prepper topic, or a prepping learning experience I’ve had, or a product review. Friday’s is “What I Did This Week To Prep”.

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Acronyms used
BOB: Bug Out Bag. aka 72 hour kit.
BOL: Bug Out Location. Where you go in a disaster if you have to leave your primary residence.
CDC: the Center for Disease Control.
CFL bulbs: Compact Fluorescent Lamp, low energy bulbs (about 20% power requirement of standard bulbs)
DOD: Department of Defense
FAK: First Aid Kit
FDA: Food and Drug Administration
FEMA: the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
HVAC/R: Heating, Ventilation, Air-Condition, Refrigeration (RE: my friend Rick)
LTS: Long Term Storage. Food that when correctly stored will last 10 years or longer.
MZBs: Mutant Zombie Bikers. Used in David Crawford’s’ book, Lights Outis a generic term used to describe the bad guys, who prey on the good guys, in a collapse world.
OTC: Over-the-counter medications (non-prescription)
SHTF: Shit Hits The Fan. The world has blown up, literally or figuritively.
SHYF: Shit Hits Your Fan. Your world has blown up.
SLEP: Shelf Life Extension Program. A joint DOD and FDA program to test if medications will last longer than their stated expiration date. Results showed that about 90% of the medications were safe and effective as far as 15 years past their expiration date.
SODIS: Solar water Disinfection. Exposing clear bottled water to direct sunlight for 6 hours.
SWYE: Store What You Eat. Short-term food storage.
TEOTWAWKI: The end of the world as we know it. (Pronounced: ti.ɑt.wɑk.i) Total SHTF. Popularized by R.E.M.’s song of the same name.
TSP: Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast.
Y2K: year 2000. On January 1, 2000 there was a fear computers that had been programed with a two digit year dating system would think when the year flipped from ’99 to ’00 that it would now be the year 1900 and all time sensitive information could me messed up.

Terms used
Collapse: The situation the world will be in after a big SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario; modern society, infrastructure, and systems as we know it will no longer exist

Conversions of Common Measurements
1 quart (qt) = 0.94 liters (l)
1 gallon (gal) = 3.78 l
1 mile (mi) = 1.60 kilometers (km)
1 km = 0.62 mi
1 yard (yd) = 0.91 meters (m)
1 m = 39.37 inches (in)

fahrenheit to celsius: C = (F-32) x 5/9
celsius to fahrenheit: F = C x 9/5 + 32
body temperature F = 98.6 degrees / C = 37 degrees

water per gallon = 8.3 pounds
gasoline per gallon = 6.1 pounds

Significant Dates

  • January 23, 2012 – A big thanks today to Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy from the Doom and Bloom Hour for mentioning TraceMyPreps on their podcast on 1/22/12. On 1/23/12 I had the most hits ever on my site!
  • January 11, 2012 – Today when Sarah wrote her first post What Do You Think About All This? – A Prepper’s Wife’s Point of View, we had the most views ever (for a single day)! Also, with her help, we went over 5000 total blog hits!
  • November 23, 2011 – Today we had our 2000th blog hit. That was pretty cool.
  • September 27, 2011 – I want to thank my wife, Sarah, for the incredible job she did creating my new ‘prep shield’ header graphic. It wasn’t easy getting a loose idea in my head into a finished computer image, but she was patient with me and I love the way it came out. If the image symbolism doesn’t make sense to you, start by rereading ‘Aesop on Prepping‘. The lightning bolt illustrates how quickly and without warning our lives can change or a disaster could strike. The red symbolizes courage and sacrifice. I believe the shield speaks for itself.

3 thoughts on “Check Here…

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  2. Hi! I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog, primarily because your family is so moderate in their prepper approach (not wack job crazy), because you and your wife are similar in age/vocation to our family, and because you live in the PNW (where my husband and I are from).

    I am married to a Marine, living outside our nation’s capitol, and am relatively new to prepping. We recently returned to the US from Oki where we endured typhoons, earthquakes and tsunami alerts, and my husband went north of Sendai to support the tsunami relief efforts. It was a big eye opener for our family about preparedness and training for disaster. It all happened in the blink of an eye and those people were totally cut off from resources. Now that we are in Virginia, we are much more aware of how tenuous our position is here so close to the capitol. I am the one spearheading our preps here, and getting our not-so-outdoorsy teens prepared, with my husbands support. I too am slowly looking for that perfect property, x number of hours/miles away, all the while squirelling away food and supplies. We too are looking into getting weapons, but because we are not already avid gun nuts, we are pretty slow at getting started collecting. Why do all people assume Marines are gone freaks?!

    In any event, I enjoy reading your blog. If you ever need a quick guest blog post, I would be happy to help.

    Thanks a bunch- Leah

    • Leah – Great to hear from you! On a selfish level I appreciate the validation of what I’m doing here, it’s so good to get a comment like this. Sounds like we do have a lot of similarities, and if you noticed in my ‘About Trace’ page I spent 4 years in the USMC, during that time I spent 6 months in Oki and experienced a typhoon there (delayed our leaving for a week). Where are you hoping to find your ultimate homestead, in the area you’re in or somewhere after your husband retires?

      By the way my kids might disagree with you that I’m not “wack job crazy”, but I agree moderation (in anything) is the key.

      I would love to have you guest blog. Either email me, or contact me on FB and lets figure it out. Also go to TraceMyPreps facebook page and like it and get involved in our budding community there!


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